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Fastbase Business Software Ltd

"Maybe changing accounting systems isn't as hard as it once was?"

Fastbase provides businesses with a fully integrated accounting and distribution system that is capable of handling the requirements of most companies in New Zealand and Australia, typically 2-200 staff.

Our feature list is extensive. If you import goods and distribute them to customers then Fastbase could be a perfect fit for your business. Fastbase also suits many other types of businesses.

Fastbase will meet your business needs now and in the future.
Fastbase will save you time and money.
Fastbase will help you get more information out of your business (for you, your staff and your clients).

One client says "I am very satisfied with the Fastbase program and take the opportunity to promote it every time possible. Our major benefit in using this program is the multi currency and multi supplier facility for the same part. Equally the fact it "automatically" recognises back orders and releases packing slips is something not normally available on most of the other programs I looked at. There are so many facilities available, I recognise we do not use them all, yet."

Fastbase has been evolving over 20 years now and when you become a Fastbase user you benefit from the years of development and experience that has gone into the product.

If you would like to read documentation on Fastbase please click here.
If you would like to discuss Fastbase and its suitability to your business please 701-743-8659.
If you would like to try a demo of Fastbase please click here (requires downloading about 15MB).
For pricing and other information please call us on 64-4-387-9807.

For a look at companies using Fastbase now visit our (216) 850-5679 page.

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